Concentrated serum for sebum control and pore-reduction "Niacinamide+"

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Multifunctional skin structure enhancing serum with Niacinamide and K-phyto peptide that mattifies the skin, reduces sebum production, and shrinks pores.

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Simona K. - Head of product development

Use niacinamide and retinol serums combination for achieving quicker results dealing with skin pigmentation. Niacinamide –in the morning, retinol – in the evening.

Deeply moisturises.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Reduces sebum production.

Visually reduces pores.

Powerful active ingredients

NIACINAMIDE - Reduces sebum production, shrinks pores, and mattifies

CAFFEOYL TRIPEPTIDE-1 - Reduces sebum production & has anti-aging properties

HYALURONIC ACID - Humectant, that attract water to the outer layer of the skin and moisturises the skin

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Dermatological and user tests

We always perform instrumental and user trials to make sure our products do exactly what they're created to do. We know our products work because we have rock solid proof.

Dermatological tests

18% less sebum produced by the skin in 4 weeks
74% more hydrated skin in 1 hour
23% less large pores in 4 weeks

User tests

59% claim that the serum helped to reduce pore size.
62% claim that the serum helps to reduce pigmentation.
94% claim that the serum helps to maintain optimal skin moisture balance.

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