MATH Skincare products are created by an international team of scientists who develop innovative evidence-based skincare. Our philosophy rests on three core pillars: science, minimalism, and sustainability. We believe that a simple and targeted skincare routine can take the skin back to its ultimate biological comfort zone and recover its perfect balance. Join us as we bring scientific innovations from our lab to your skincare cabinet.
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– Our products are created by an international team of scientists who not only create new formulas but also carry out research to discover and implement new cosmetic ingredients.
– Our lead scientists teach students by bringing them onto MATH Scientific projects and giving them the opportunity to base their bachelor and master theses on our joint research.
– Our products are developed in modern laboratories within universities using state of the art technology and top-quality materials.
MATH b5 recovery


– We create minimalist formulas that feature meticulously calculated active ingredient combinations and concentrations.
– Why the short ingredient list? Our goal is not to create “little of everything” cocktails but, rather, potent and functional formulas with one or two hero ingredients and allow them to do what they do best – target specific skin issues in their full capacity.
– Minimalism is also our approach to packaging. Our bottles and tubes are clean, stylish, and easily recyclable. They look beautiful on your shelf and help you become a conscious consumer.
– We seek to eliminate noise and excess to make way for discoveries and self-confidence.
MATH moisturizer


– Our serum, cream and cleanser bottles are fully recyclable.
– Our tubes are made of PCR (post-consumer-recycled) plastic.
– Our paper packaging is fully recyclable and made of 100% renewable resources.
– We are Coral Reef Alliance partners and donate funds for coral reef protection and research.
– We educate our consumers on sustainability and eco-consciousness and ways to diminish their ecological footprint.
– We take care of the mental and physical wellness of every single MATH Scientific employee. Our company is our team. We don’t believe in a business model where success comes at the price of wellbeing. We believe in balance and start with ourselves.

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