Cold water marine collagen with raspberries

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TYPE I COLD WATER MARINE COLLAGEN powder is a collagen food supplement that contains Norwegian high-quality type I hydrolyzed collagen extracted from codfish skin. (400 g.)

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Simona K. - Head of product development

The perfect alternative to a protein shake after training, with up to 9g of protein and 10g of pure collagen for muscle repair and tissue elasticity. Or just put it to your daily smoothy and make it even healthier.

Contains natural freeze-dried raspberries.

No added sugars or flavors.

Collagen extracted from codfish (Gadus Morhua) skin.

Enriched with vitamin C that boost collagen production.

Powerful active ingredients

COLLAGEN - Aids in body tissue repair

FREEZE-DRIED RASPBERRIEs - A great source of potassium and Omega-3 fatty acids

VITAMIN C - One of the strongest antioxidants

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