The TOP 10 SKINCARE TRENDS for Summer 2022

The TOP 10 SKINCARE TRENDS for Summer 2022

Summer is the perfect time to take skincare and self-care to the next level. Dry and warm weather calls for that extra hydration, quality sun protection, and sweat-resistant makeup that actually stays on the skin without clogging the pores. We will need travel-sized everything, some advanced body products, new tools, and unexpected self-care ideas for those warm summer nights.

1. Tools


At-home skin cryotherapy is a very controversial topic. From freezing massage tools and masks to ice-rollers and metal cryo globes, the choices for giving your skin that winter feel are vast and keep getting vaster. Either way, it’s clear – cold is the new black.

Microcurrent tools 

Gently shocking your face with electricity for vibrancy and firmness is still very popular. While good quality microcurrent devices are quite pricey, skincare enthusiasts don’t seem to be putting a price tag on good lifting experience.

LED masks 

Another controversial trend that is not going anywhere – LED therapy. LED tools promise to deliver extraordinary results in under 10 minutes a day. Blue light for acne, red light for collagen production, yellow light for inflammation. Can it really be that simple? We’ll see.

2. Skinimalism 

Yes, skinimalism is still on the rise. Pandemic and climate crises revealed just how fragile we are how easily everything we think to be permanent can disappear. Therefore, we’re becoming more and more protective of our environment and ourselves. Users want products they can actually trust, and excess is losing its charm.

3. Glazed skin 

Glazed donut, as Haily Bieber called it, is the new IT skincare goal. Glazed skin is a certain skincare and makeup combo that brings forth glass-like and glowy skin that is almost over the top. Shimmery glosses, liquid highlighters, oil-based moisturizers – everything and anything that can give the skin this beautiful dewy look.

4. Supplements 

Skincare and wellness go hand in hand. Whether your skincare routine contains a green smoothie or a carefully selected assortment of supplements, 360 approach is the only one we’re taking in summer 2022.

Depending on your skin needs, you may benefit from antioxidant supplements such as astaxanthin or resveratrol, powerful minerals like zinc or selenium, or vitality classics like vitamin D3. The best way to know is to consult your dermatologist or a trusted healthcare expert. 

5. Upgraded body care 

Just like every summer, this summer will also make us remember to take care of our skin down the neck. The main body skincare changes are happening within the ingredient lists. Lotions and body creams are no longer these mild products, infused with some glycerin and shea butter but rather skincare powerhouses that now pack retinoids, AHAs, and other actives that we used to use only for our faces.

6. Double duty makeup  

The users are no longer satisfied with conventional makeup products that only serve aesthetic purposes. When it comes to powders, foundations, blushes, and other color cosmetics, we want some actives, and we want them now.

Whether it’s niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin E – double-duty makeup is the star of the show. Which is absolutely reasonable – after putting so much effort into our skincare, we don’t want to ruin our results with less than marvelous makeup.

7. Waterless beauty products 

Sustainability and travel-friendliness meet in powdered products that are easy to use and even easier to carry. Powdered formulas that are intended to be mixed with water are enjoying the spotlight and their range is expanding to new territories.

If previously we were only used to seeing powdered cleansers and scrubs, now the industry is offering us such products as dry under-eye masks, face masks, and serum-boosters.


We’re using all caps for a reason – bakuchiol is the new retinol and the new skincare MVP. It’s all the hype among skinfluencers, TikTok stars, and everyone who’s all about that anti-aging action without any irritation.  

Bakuchiol absolutely deserves all the attention that it’s getting. It’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it doesn’t make the skin more sensitive to the sun (super important in Summer), and it is as gentle as skincare products get.

This plant-based ingredient boosts cell turnover, smooths wrinkles, and improves the general appearance of the skin. Plus, it’s also an antioxidant so it provides some extra protection from free-radical damage. Just a lovely ingredient all around.

9. The quest to find the perfect SPF 

With sustainability and planet-consciousness at the forefront, the perfect sunscreen now has more requirements than ever.

The perfect sunscreen must not contain coral bleaching ingredients such as oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, octocrylene, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, homosalate, PABA, parabens, triclosan, nanoparticles, and any form of microplastics. Yet, the perfect sunscreen (hopefully, a mineral one) must also not leave a white cast, not look oily, and offer that broad-spectrum protection that our skin needs. We’ve heard MATH Scientific has that very perfect sunscreen in the form of our tinted SPF50. *wink wink*.

10. Sustainable packaging 

Yes, we know, this is not a new trend but it’s a very important one and it’s not going anywhere. We will see more and more PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic or aluminum tubes, less and less glue, laminate, and additional colors.

The users want sustainable living to be as effortless as possible and it’s up to the brands to make it so. A brand’s eco-awareness says a lot about its ethos and that ethos is a huge part of the overall appeal of the brand. And life (and summer) is too short to choose brands that don’t care.

So, here are the TOP10 trends for Summer 2022. Feel free to try them out but remember, in skincare, just like in fashion (and life in general), trends come and go but style and authenticity are forever.

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