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What is MATH Scientific?

<p>MATH Scientific is a Lithuania-based skincare brand that aims to help people around the world feel confident in their skin. The company aims at taking the science out of the lab and into people’s lives. A minimalist approach to formulas, continuous scientific research and collaborations with universities around the globe, and a 360° approach to beauty and wellness defines the company best.</p>
Team - MATH Scientific


Our vision

We want people, no matter their age or gender, to lead happier and healthier lives. For this, we develop minimalist formulas, where every ingredient is safe, efficient and backed by science. From serums to supplements, all our products have science at their core.



Meet the founders

<p>MATH Scientific was founded in 2019 by Marija Valaitė, Vitalijus Valaitis and Dr. Matas Janulevičius.</p>
Meet the Founders - MATH Scientific

Marija Valaitė

<p>Co-founder/CMO</p> <p>Marija is a CMO with a science-oriented mind. Coming from a broad entrepreneurial background, she is responsible for strategy and brand development. Her passion and vision of sustainability and minimalism are hardcoded into the company’s DNA. </p>
Marija Valaite - MATH Scientific

Vitalijus Valaitis

<p>Co-founder/CEO</p> <p>Tapping into his international sales experience, Vitalijus focuses on the global expansion of the company. His interest in longevity research is reflected in the company’s HALE (healthy life expectancy) angle.</p>
Vitalijus Valaitis - MATH Scientific

Dr. Matas Janulevičius

<p>Co-founder/Head of R&D</p> <p>Holding a PhD in Nanochemistry, Matas co-founded MATH with a firm belief that scientific research should serve people and not be confined to the realm of academia. Thanks to him, the company serves as a launchpad for young researchers.</p>
Dr Matas Janulevičius - MATH Scientific


<p>• #1 most recommended brand for skin improvement in Lithuania (2021)</p> <p>• 1 patent-pending product, 2 products – submitted for pattenting</p> <p>• 18 products in stock + 2 upcoming launches and many more in development</p> <p>• 20 employees (13 women and 7 men)</p> <p>• 7 clinical trials – 100% success rate</p> <p>• Our skincare products are vegan & cruelty-free</p>

Media contact

<p>Do you want to learn more about MATH or receive our product box for review?</p>


The future of MATH

Since we chose to follow a 360° approach to beauty and wellness, we are constantly developing and launching products aimed at helping people take care of their beauty and wellbeing from within and without. We have already launched our first food supplement –  COLD WATER MARINE COLLAGEN (type I) – and an entire line of high-quality supplements is on the way. We are also stepping into color cosmetics with our first mineral powder MATTE MINERALS. The future holds many more makeup products that will help to create fabulous beauty looks while also benefiting the skin.



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