I am not sure what other ladies think when watching beauty routines of influencers on social media, but I have got a huge respect for it. Well, I just have no idea how to find time to use 12 different products every morning and evening… I have had some moments of weakness and bought piles of eye serums or patches for T-zone cleansing. But the story has always ended the same way – those extremely limited-purpose products have turned into abandoned, dust-collecting attributes in my bathroom after just a few uses.

So, over time, I stopped lying to myself and wasting money on things I just would not use. Today, I follow the Less is more philosophy in my beauty routine. For a long time, the main tools I became friends with on a daily basis were only micellar water and two different creams (lighter for the day, heavier for the night). Of course, when you follow the principle of not quantity, but quality” – the most important thing is that the mentioned quality would be really high, and facial care products are ideal for your skin. At least in my case, attempts to choose cosmetics with a very natural components, which became very fashionable a few years ago (this one either did not give me the desired effect or even caused allergies) did not work very well, and there was no need to use very strong chemistry. All the tools I liked and worked well for me were balanced somewhere in the middle – their creators wisely combined the gifts of nature with the latest scientific advances. That’s why I felt positive about MATH brand after learning about their philosophy, which is fully in line with such a principle. And yet, having only a few favorite, time-tested facial procedures, I will admit, having the opportunity to try MATH cosmetics, I took a rather cautious look at the new experiment.

Still, as soon as I unpacked the cleanser and two different serums from the boxes, I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging for me is equally important as the quality of the products that I apply on my face. After all, it is more pleasant, when cosmetic bottles look stylish, rather than wanting to hide them as far as possible from your eyes. The design of MATH products is luxurious and minimalist, the bottles can be safely placed in the most visible place in the bathroom – they will definitely play the role of unobtrusive interior decoration. By the way, three out of the four women that have visited my bathroom since purchasing these products, have asked about this new and beautiful brand. Another big plus related to the packaging of this product, that thrilled me a bit later, is the sealing bottles of detergent and serum. Since I like to escape from the city on weekends, and the most loyal facial care products travel together, it is important for me that the transported liquid product wouldn’t spill the whole cosmetic bag.

And about the most important: how do these cosmetics work? Before I get started, I will briefly describe my skin. I don’t have big skin issue, such as sever acne, so I don’t need any strong meds. But still, my combination skin is not perfect, it often lacks deeper hydration and the surface gets shiny during the day. She also has a tendency to get red. I may also get some kind of a bump to pop out, after falling asleep with my makeup on (I will admit, it may happen once a month), or eating junk food or, classically, before an important event. Overall, it could have been better. Additionally, my skin doesn’t click with all facial care products – lots of purchased face creams and cleansers have expired or went to the rubbish bin, cause they dry out the skin too much, or would cause allergies. However, MATH cosmetics do not seem to face such fate.

The first use of detergent and serums went well. In the evening, after taking my makeup off with micellar water, I washed my face not only with water as usual, but with Deep Cleanser. I liked not only the pleasant, unobtrusive smell of caramel (reminded me of a childhood, where the famous square waffles of Palanga Basanavičiaus Street smelled similarly), but also the consistency – the product is liquid enough to easily spread on the skin, does not foam too much, and additionally, it does not irritate the eyes. Another, very positive thing is that the cleansing foam, while purifying, does not dry the skin at all (which is very common in cleansers), after rinsing skin does not feel tight. After the cleanser, I used the moisturizing serum Water Element. This product smells the same as a cleanser, but the aroma is very delicate, barely perceptible. The serum has a slightly unexpected, gel-like texture, but spreads perfectly on the skin, absorbs extremely quickly and does not leave a feeling of oiliness. This product seems to barely rise, gives tone to the skin, but does not feel that the face is glued or stretched. Although the usual evening beauty routine for many includes a face cream applied after the serum, I decide to limit myself to the serum for the time being. Especially since there is no shortage of moisture, and the skin feels very soft, like after a good scrub.

The next morning I have washed my skin again with a cleanser, only this time I have used another serum – Skin Balance, which regulates the release of oil. This product is practically odorless, as the previously tested Water Element is perfectly distributed on the skin, well absorbed. Although the serum regulates sebum secretion and matifies, there is no feeling of dryness. Since I use this serum in the morning, it also plays the role of a make-up base (and does very well). On the skin moisturized with the serum, the make-up is perfectly covered, which I had on my face till late evening. Usually, when the day is warmer or more active, after an hour of wearing the make-up, I have to look for a loose powder to wash off a shiny nose or forehead, but in this case, the need arises only after 4-5 hours – it means that serum regulates the release of oil.

After using the products for more than a month, I discovered a new facial care routine – although in the evenings I often enjoy using the cleanser and limit myself to micellar water and Water Element moisturizing serum, I start the morning with Deep Cleanser and then use one of the serums again. If the day is long, busy, and the face needs to look fresh as if I just made my make up ten minutes ago, I choose Skin Balance. And if I feel my skin needs an extra level of hydration, I use Water Element. However, as I mentioned, I have not had any major problems with facial skin before, I have noticed that after a few weeks, the condition of the skin has noticeably improved, have better moisture balance, and accidental acne has been reduced to a minimum. I think there was a click between my skin and MATH, and I am very happy about.