Step one (if you’re not wearing makeup): CLEANSER

Every skincare routine must start with fresh and thorough cleansing. Our exfoliating DEEP CLEANSING GEL WASH cleanser with glycolic (AHA) and salicylic (BHA) acids gently exfoliates the skin and deeply cleanses the pores while balancing the sebum production and preparing the skin for other products. Meanwhile, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin will benefit from GENTLE AZELAIC ACID CLEANSER with azelaic acid, gluconolactone, and allantoin. It provides you all the best features of an acid cleanser without sensitizing and irritating the skin and also helps strengthen the capillaries. 

Step one (if you‘re wearing makeup): MICELLAR GEL + CLEANSER

Before moving on to the cleanser, wash off your makeup with our micellar gel. MATH Scientific MICELLAR GEL gently removes makeup and soothes the skin, leaving it fresh and hydrated. Continue with one of our aforementioned cleansers. 

Second step: SERUM

If we were to think about our skincare routine as a nice dinner, serum would be the main course. Serum is a skincare product design to deliver the active ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin. It can provide the results that you desire and help the skin to remain healthy and glowing.

Our serums:

SKIN BALANCE: If your skin is problematic and acne-prone, choose this serum with willow bark extract that battles pimples, protects the pores, evens out the skin tone, and reduces pigmentation. Since this serum is hyaluronic-acid-based, your skin will remain hydrated to its deepest levels. 

WATER ELEMENT: If your skin is thirsty for deep and effective hydration, choose this serum. It suits even the most sensitive skin. It is a uniquely hydrating product with algae extract, that has over 40 microelements that are vital for our bodies and a whole bouquet of effective antioxidants that slow down the aging processes and make the skin firm, even, and glowing. 

B5 RECOVERY: If your skin is tired and dull – this is the serum for you. Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid duo helps to deeply hydrate the skin and recover its protective barrier since Panthenol (vit. B5) is a very effective epidermis renewal stimulator that will allow your skin to renew and become stronger. 

BRIDAL GLOW: If you wish to fill up your skin with antioxidants and give it that extra glow, you will love this multifunctional active serum with green tea and Kakadu plum extract that is packed with natural vitamin C that protects your skin from harmful environmental factors. This serum helps to activate the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and supports the regeneration of the skin. 

HYDRA GENE: If your skin is mature and you wish to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and fill the cells of your skin with water molecules, choose Hydra Gene. In only 30 minutes, the 3D Hydra complex increases the moisture levels of the skin by 37%. The product is capable of this because it is enriched with high concentration hyaluronic acid and glycerin that help to protect intercellular connections and regulate the skin‘s resistance to harmful environmental factors and the flow of time. 

ANTI-ACNE: If you‘ve been fighting acne for a while now, this is what you need. The active formula with glycolic (AHA) and salicylic (BHA) acids allows to battle the pimples that are already there, and also prevent new pimples from forming by creating an inhospitable environment for harmful bacteria. This serum is designed for spot treatment. 

NIACINAMIDE+: if you‘re fighting hyperpigmentation and acne scars, this is the serum that you need. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps to visually reduce the pore size and regulates sebum production. The concentrated formula, enriched with glycerin and hyaluronic acid also provides the skin with the hydration that it needs. 

RETINOL+ : If your skin is mature and you wish to reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging processes, this serum is for you. According to scientific research, retinol is the best ingredient when it comes to fighting premature aging. This serum has the optimal retinol concentration (0.3%) that allows you to enjoy the benefits of this great ingredient but also avoid the increased sensitivity, peeling, and redness that can be caused by it before the skin adjusts to retinol. 

Step three: MOISTURIZER 

Why is it important to use a moisturizer? A moisturizer seals in your serum and ensures, and even enhances its effectiveness. The molecules of the cream are larger than those of a serum so it provides hydration for the outer layers of your skin and takes great care of your protective barrier.

NIACINAMIDE+ : This cream enhances the texture of the skin and gives it a fresh glow because of its superingredientniacinamide (vitamin B3). It shrinks the pores and helps to create a matte effect. It is a powerful weapon against hyperpigmentation, helps to regulate sebum production, and is a fantastic antioxidant. 

CELL BOOSTER: This hydrating and firming moisturizer with patented SYN-COL and SYN-AKE complex has a light texture and doesn‘t clog the pores, yet it offers remarkable hydration and firms the skin. Peptides are great anti-aging tools. They help to restructure the outer layer of the skin and boost collagen production BALANCE³: This light moisturizer with willow bark extract is designed for problematic skin and helps to fight acne and increased sensitivity and reactivity. The cream brightens the skin, fights dehydration and pimples/pustules. Plus, it gives the skin a perfect matte effect. 

SKIN SHIELD: This comforting cream is your skin‘s knight in shining armor. The cream helps to restore the skin‘s barrier function and provides lasting hydration and gentle nourishment. The featherlight product is enriched with plant-based squalene and Sea Buckthorn oil, that boost the skin‘s recovery processes and tackle the challenges of harsh weather conditions and environmental damage. 

Step four (Evening): OIL 

The evening is the perfect time to pamper your skin since it recovers and renews during the night and has enough time to soak in all the goodness that you put on it before bed. If you want that extra glow and nourishment, crown your skincare routine with a great oil. MATH ILLUMINATING OIL is a marvelous oil blend with argan, jojoba, and borage oils that are appreciated by skincare professionals since they are true hydration and nourishment superstars but don‘t clog the pores. Your skin will glow and be very supple and full of life. 

Step four (Morning): SUNSCREEN 

No matter what‘s the weather – wear your sunscreen. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and photoaging. SPF 30+ cream is crucial for everyone who wants their skin to be healthy and vibrant for many years to come. MATH SPF50 mineral sunscreen lotion is not only protective but also hydrating so make sure to put it on before you leave the house to start your day off on the right foot.    

Also, it is important to keep in mind that products with SPF are needed not only during the warm seasons or on sunny days. When deciding whether to apply SPF cream, follow this rule – if it is bright enough outside to see where you are going – use sunscreen.