Exchanges and Returns

Return policy:

1. The following conditions must be met when the buyer returns the goods:
1.1. the returned goods must be in the original, neat packaging;
1.2. the goods must be undamaged by the Buyer;
1.3. the product must be unused, without losing its commercial appearance (undamaged labels, peeled off protective film, etc.) (this does not apply in case of return of defective product);
1.4. the returned product must be in the same configuration as the Buyer received it;
1.5. when returning the goods, it is necessary to present the document of its purchase.

2. The Seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the established procedure for returning the goods. 2.1 Upon return of the wrong product and / or defective product received, the Seller undertakes to take back such goods and replace them with similar suitable goods. 2.2 In the event that the Seller does not have replacement goods, the Buyer gets refunded the amount paid, excluding the price for delivery.

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