MATH Scientific – the first Lithuanian skincare brand to be featured in VOGUE Scandinavia

October 2021 marks a very special milestone for MATH Scientific community, since our product were featured in VOGUE Scandinavia. We are thrilled to be the first Lithuanian brand to achieve this ambitious goal and share our science-based skincare philosophy with the Scandinavian people.

MATH in VOGUE Scandinavia

Our expansion into the Scandinavian market takes place on two different levels:

Scientific (Our joint research with Uppsala University) and commercial (Online store in Swedish, cooperation with local influencers and businesses, Scandinavia-based campaigns). We see Scandinavia and the Baltics as co-creators of the reinvented Nordic lifestyle that incorporates both, wellness of the people, and wellness of our planet, into one promising whole, which will drive the industry towards a responsible future that we can be proud of.

MATH in VOGUE Scandinavia

“For us, being featured in Scandinavian VOGUE is a very significant achievement.”

“Our values are absolutely aligned: we prioritize sustainability, minimalism, and eco-friendliness, support local professionals and businesses, and see beauty and fashion as forces of positive global change, not just superficial vanity projects. The world of beauty, wellness, and fashion has become more inclusive and diverse than ever and even though it’s so easy to make it sound like a woke cliché, it has to be said over and over again, until it become the new status quo.”

Marija Valaitė MATH Scientific

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