3 universities. 7 scientists. 3 countries

MATH Scientific partners and our joint projects


One goal: authentic scientifically developed ingredients from our laboratories to your home.

MATH Scientific science-based skincare products were born at the intersection of science and business. Elevating this cooperation to new heights was one of the main goals behind the company. We strive to provide consumers with first-hand access to evidence-based products and practices. We stand behind helping everyone – no matter their skin type, gender identity, or income level – achieve their beauty and wellness goals.  A crucial part of our philosophy is minimalism, therefore we seek to create minimalist formulas that feature the most effective active ingredient concentrations and combinations. By ensuring their compatibility and potency, we deliver functional skincare solutions at the cellular level.

Our products – science in a bottle

We know that there are no quick fixes for skin issues. And we’re not offering any. What we seek to achieve is a shift in mindset complemented by well-researched products that help boost cell recovery processes. We select active ingredients based on their safety, efficacy and sustainability. 

We believe that science should not be confined to the walls of academia. In fact, it should serve everyone. We play our part by bringing the latest research findings from the lab to the consumer. Let science inspire your confidence!

These are our current collaborations:

Vilnius University 

The aim of the project is to functionalize new generation pigments that would be used in skincare and color cosmetics.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 

(Uppsala, Sweden)

The aim of the project is to develop innovative products with metal oxide sols that might have the potential to boost would healing and fade scars. These compounds might also be used in SPF products.

Graduate Institute of Nanomedicine and Medical Engineering

(GINME) (Taiwan)

The aim of the project is to develop zinc and copper complexes with peptides and amino acids that will be used in anti-aging products.