Our science = your confidence

MATH Skincare products are created by an international team of scientists who develop innovative evidence-based skincare products. Here, at MATH we aim to bring the benefits of science to everyone, regardless of their gender and skin type. Join us as we bring scientific innovations from our lab to your skincare cabinet, a journey full of mindful solutions and highest quality standards.

MATH Scientific

MATH Scientific celebrates its debut in VOGUE Scandinavia

October 2021 marks a very special milestone for MATH Scientific community, since our products appeared on VOGUE Scandinavia. We are thrilled about the achievement of this ambitious goal and the opportunity to share our science-based skincare philosophy with the Scandinavian people.

Products that actually work

Powerful effect in a minimalist formula

Our team of scientists and dermatologists know the skin up to the cellular level. In our work, we combine and apply the latest knowledge and many years of experience. We pay special attention to maintaining the DNA of skin cells and their regeneration cycles. Each ingredient in our authentic formulas has a clear purpose and creates added value. This is one of the key factors that allowed us to create clean skincare that works. During the production process, we use only deionized water that is designed specifically for scientific work.


Nordic minimalism-inspired philosophy

We are minimalists. We know that less noise and excess creates more space for self-confidence, creativity and discovery. The idea of MATH SCIENTIFIC was born in the mountains of Scandinavia, where one can quietly observe the world from the highest peeks to see it in its most simple, transparent and quiet form. The transparency and inspiration we experience in the mountains is our guide and it dictates the philosophy we follow on a daily basis – less is more. The clean, non-aggressive and reliable composition of scientific cosmetics allows you to help your skin return to its natural state, where everything is in sync and works only for the good of you.As it should be. We trust science, so you could feel at home in your skin.


Meet Marija – the founder of MATH Scientific

The emergence of MATH was driven by a desire to unite the industries of modern science, health and beauty. From day one, the company’s mission has been to create authentic solutions that unleash the DNA potential of skin cells and help people feel confident in their skin.