Marija – the Founder of MATH

I have spent my entire life merging science, creativity, and contemporary entrepreneurship. I’ve always been a very focused person, driven by a bigger vision of what’s possible, therefore founding a company that is fueled by scientific innovation came very naturally.

Marija Valaitė, Founder & CEO

Being a confident female CEO is my form of rebellion against every cultural cliche I grew up with. I feel empowered to be a part of a new narrative and redefine what’s ‘girly.’ Professional excellence, brave ideas, risk-taking, radiant self-esteem, and inner strength are genderless. All of these things must be available to everyone who wishes to achieve them.

Being a businesswoman in the beauty industry, and, in fact, in any industry, is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Though I had to break through layers and layers of glass ceilings, once I came out on the other side, I got to become someone who can now empower others and lead them through this complicated professional maze.

I understand that the future still holds many challenges, but I try to greet them with curiosity, instead of fear. I can make this shift because I’m passionate about what I do. For me, beauty is not just a superficial shell that covers the essence. I think that beauty is something that connects us, it’s not only a form of aesthetic pleasure, but also a way of experiencing the world and ourselves in it. We each get to choose what beauty is for us and it can be absolutely anything. The goal is to have courage and confidence to make that choice and live your very own truth.

My skincare philosophy

Less is more. My skincare routine consists of two minimalist steps: cleanser and serum. I love feeling confident in my skin, and I wish that for everyone.

Marija Valaitė, Founder & CEO

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