The lead scientist behind MATH Scientific

The path of a scientist is paved with unending thirst for progress, courage to take on inspiring challenges and childlike curiosity. For me, what started as a desire to learn everything I can about the natural world, turned into a PhD in chemistry and the honor of being the co-founder and the head of RnD of MATH Scientific. 

Matas Janulevičius, Co-founder & Head of RnD

I take immense pride in the fact that our team creates formulas from scratch. Even though it’s a rather challenging endeavor – we see it as a privilege. Our formulas are what make us unique in the skincare industry. We spend countless hours reviewing gold standard scientific literature, testing promising ingredients, looking for the perfect composition, creating blend after blend, celebrating victories, and mourning losses. 

We also pride ourselves on our minimalist ingredient lists. I think that a relatively modest amount of ingredients is what allows our actives to really shine and make the difference that they do. Successful dermatological and instrumental trials are rewarding, but nothing brings us more joy than user testimonials. That’s where those countless hours truly pay off.

Another part of MATH Scientific that is a bit more under the radar is all the research we do with our international partners from all corners of the world. We are always involved in advanced projects that are moving forward one step at a time. Currently we’re on the verge of launching a new SPF agent which would make us the first ones in the world to use this particular filter in sunscreens.

That’s where those moments of childhood curiosity come full circle – seeing an opportunity to discover something new and then discovering it, is that makes the life of a scientist the most rewarding. For me, that’s what science is all about – taking a less traveled path and paving the way forward.

My skincare philosophy

Your skin deserves to be treated by science. Choose products that are powered by scientific ambition, not just the desire to make a shiny skincare product.

Matas Janulevičius, Co-founder & Head of RnD

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