Cell Booster cream - MATH Scientific


This silky moisturizer is the ultimate hydration and elasticity booster. It leaves the skin feeling light and unburdened, and gives it a fresh luminous glow.

✓ Reduces wrinkles

✓ Effectively hydrates and firms the skin

✓ Does not clog pores

Leaves the skin feeling light and fresh

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Aiste before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Aiste after - MATH Scientific

Day 24

The best discovery of my life! One month drastically changed the state of my facial skin! Thank you. 😊

Guste S.
Gerda before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Gerda after - MATH Scientific

Day 29

The state of my skin has really changed, I have way less breakouts 🙈 My discovery of the year for sure 🥰🥰⭐

Gerda K.
Andrea before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Andrea after - MATH Scientific

Day 27

Thank you for creating and helping us feel prettier. I’m no longer embarrassed to go out without makeup. Actually, I feel even better that way! ❤️🤗

Anndrea E.
Agnes before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Agnes after - MATH Scientific

Day 17

I can say that the pimples are gone and my skin is glowing. I enjoy not wearing makeup! Thank you! Best of luck to you, don’t stop surprising us!

Agnes A.
Roberta before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Roberta after - MATH Scientific

Day 31

These products have become an integral part of my everyday life and gave me back my confidence in my skin!

Roberta Z.
Migle Before - MATH Scientific

Day 1

Mige after - MATH Scientific

Day 23

I am sending you the way me and my face glow after starting to use your products! Thank you for doing what you do! 😍

Migle S.
Reduce wrinkles
Keep it fresh

Why it’s so effective?

Tripeptides (SYN-COLL)

Tripeptides can help improve skin surface regeneration and aid in preventing new wrinkles

Dipeptides (SYN-AKE)

Dipeptides help to refresh and firm the skin

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic helps to hydrate the skin and keep it plump

Moisturising cream with peptides CELL BOOSTER

Dermatological trials

✓ In 4 weeks, the cream decreases wrinkles by 17%

✓ In 4 weeks, the cream makes the skin 10% more elastic

✓ The cream improves the appearance of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin

The cream increases skin hydration (on average by 54% after 1 hour)

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How to use?

– Apply to clean skin morning and / or evening on clean skin or after your serum of choice

– Wait for the product to absorb

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Cell Booster cream - MATH Scientific

Recyclable packaging

✓ The tube is made with PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic

✓ Recyclable paper packaging

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