Meet the founders

From the very beginning, MATH Scientific was intended to become a fruitful collaboration between business and science that would serve consumers in their everyday lives. It started at a special moment in time when three people, who all came from different fields, started a conversation that led to the rise of MATH Scientific.

The brand was founded by Marija Valaitė – a marketing and communication specialist with impressive professional experience, Dr. Matas Janulevičius – a professional scientist who wrote his Ph.D. thesis in nanochemistry, and Vitalijus Valaitis, who spent his career in sales, working with the biggest companies and honing his skills to build his own. These three minds are continuing to show the world what can be achieved when business and science unite for a common goal.

The story behind MATH Scientific

MATH Scientific started with a bold vision and a question of what would be possible if science and business united for a common goal? What began as an idea, soon turned into a long research and trial phase, and grew into a company that is changing the way people think about skincare and what our skin really needs.

In only a year the company grew tenfold as users fell in love with scientific minimalist products that showed remarkable results. Now, the company not only creates skincare products and supplements but also develops various scientific research projects with various universities, teaches young scientists, and implements various philanthropic initiatives.

Dehydrated skin - MATH Scientific

Brand philosophy

Our philosophy rests on three core pillars: science, minimalism, and sustainability. We believe that a simple and targeted skincare routine can take the skin back to its ultimate biological comfort zone and recover its perfect balance.

Dehydrated skin - MATH Scientific


“Our mission is to create clinically-backed, vegan, and safe skincare. There is no guesswork in our products – just pure science.”

Matas Janulevičius, Co-founder & Head of RnD

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“As someone who has suffered from acne and increased skin sensitivity, I know the way skin issues can cripple your confidence and self-esteem.”

Marija Valaitė, Founder

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“When I see status quo – I go the opposite direction.”

Vitalijus Valaitis, Co-founder

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